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16-Hour Group Workshop

We offer a 3-day or 4-day format for professionals to improve English pronunciation and overall public speaking confidence.


Private Coaching

Customized one-on-one coaching for executives who need to present in English.

Our Methodology

What Makes Us Unique?

Something almost everyone has heard as feedback or have even said to themselves is, “Just relax, be confident”.  The question that follows is, "How do I do that?".

When you are nervous and tense, your nervous system is in activation, which makes it hard to focus or to feel comfortable and present. 

Using teachings from The Alexander Technique, and other somatic exercises, we help you build a strong foundation for better postural alignment and breath support, as well as enhanced vocal tone and clearer articulation.  We guide you step by step through structuring content and how to be present and authentic while you're in the spotlight.

In many instructional  or promotional company videos about public speaking, you often hear coaches say things like “5 Simple Steps to Great Public Speaking”, but ultimately confidence takes time and practice. That's why SWG  goes deep, offering both a 16 hour course and private coaching, which can be done concurrently for maximum benefit.

SWG doesn’t give you a quick fix. Instead we hand you the tools that you will be able to use throughout your lifetime.

We love nothing more than to see a person begin to transform during their first SWG course. Nothing thrills us more than seeing people shift and grow before our very eyes into happier, more confident, more present people who are looking forward to their next presentation.



"The instructors were just the kind of teachers I love. Their energy flowed naturally, their respect for the pupils was incredible, the way they talked to us was absolutely helpful for understanding the concepts and improving pronunciation. It was a real gift!" 

- Gonzalo, concert musician

"I think I could do this course 100 times and learn something different each time."

-Marta, professor

"This was a new way of learning for me. It gave me new tools and now I can see myself speaking English in a new way. The course was very intense, passionate and helpful."

- Carlos, social worker

"Positive, challenging and inspiring. Made me a better person and public speaker.

Thank you!"

-Ines, teacher

"I am a different person, because you helped me believe in myself again. You helped me to say goodbye to stress and to understand that the most important thing is to comprehend what happens in the body and how to control it."

-Jacob, PhD Candidate

About Us


The seed of the idea began 25 years ago when they first met as actors in New York City. 

The two had always kept in touch and visited from time to time, one now  living in Los Angeles and the other in Cuenca Spain.

In February of 2018, they realized that together they have the tools, experience, expertise and passion to help people with the issues around public speaking to feel more confident in English, and thus Speak Well Global was born. 

Lauren Lovett


Based in Los Angeles, Lauren is a graduate of the Juilliard School Drama Division. She has had vocal training with Patsy Rodenburg and Saul Kotzubei. In addition, she studied Education at Monmouth University and Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute and Somatic Experiencing with Peter Levine. 

For 25 years Lauren worked as a professional actor in theaters across the country including the Mark Taper Forum and The Geffen Playhouse in LA. She’s also appeared on TV in ER, Guiding Light, Days of Our Lives and The Whole Truth. She was the voice of the “Childhood Is Calling” campaign for Rice Krispies for many years.

She has been coaching actors and non-actor professionals for 19 years in voice, speech, dialect and public speaking confidence. Companies include Dreamworks Animation, B/S/H, Morgan Stanley and several others.

She is a member of SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity, and VASTA.

Kate Jetmore


Kate is the founder and CEO of Quality English Services in Cuenca. In operation since 2002, the company is devoted to providing support services of all types related to the English language, including translation, interpretation, guided tours, voiceovers, proofreading, teaching of English as a second language and consultation.

Kate has worked extensively with such companies as Disney, Cambridge English, Bankinter, Audioguiarte, Mateo & Co, Ofilingua, and Palacios y Museos, to name just a few.

She has also provided English instruction to university professors with various levels of English expertise. Classes included not only conversation and grammar but also specific exercises and strategies for those preparing to present their research at international conferences throughout the world.

Recent projects include editing The Spanish Painter, a novel by Devora Rogers; recording the audiobook and podcast for young audiences based on Ethan Saikin’s The Pumpkins and the Green Slop Planet; and developing her services as a creative coach.

Kate has a BFA in Drama from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and is a proud member of SAG/AFTRA and Actors Equity Association.

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